We, SOAP VILLA, deriving from our mom’s intention to make a natural soap for everyone at home and this becomes our way to make soap since then. We are selecting high quality raw materials in our recipes to ensure delivery of good quality products like you are one of our family. We are also highly concern the environmental effects in every step of our products processes. Our soaps are made by cold-process, original natural soap making process, with natural ingredients. Like we said, our soaps are “Friend of your skin, Friend of nature!”.  

SOAP VILLA’s Philosophy


“SOAP VILLA” is a result of our two main wishes. First is the wish for the harmonious integration of nature and us. Second is the wish for the simplicity that creates great sustainability. The two wishes became true by “SOAP VILLA”, as we integrate the traditional Thai herbs as natural ingredients into the environmental-friendly process and packaging, and simple design for a long-term use. “SOAP VILLA” is unlike any other soap made by industrial processes which obviously pollute the environment and concern less on sustainability of nature and us as users. The knowledge of which and how particular herbs could nourish our skin, body and health is put as the heart of our products, as such local intelligence and resources are uniquely from Thailand. Our “SOAP VILLA” preserves such valuable knowledge and presents it worthwhile in the all-time simple and user-friendly design for both domestic and international market. With ‘simple and natural’ in mind, “Soap Villa” is designed to enrich the sufficient use, consequently reduce the wasteful consumption.